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My Husband Got a Family filming

Cha Sekwang~~~

source: http://blog.naver.com/yoonju1573/40165037248


Oh Yeon Seo – Kang Min Hyuk, ‘MHGaF’ Malse Couple homeless date at Han river

lolol homeless date. poor magnae couple.

source: Topstarnews

120727 Kang Minhyuk and Oh Yeonseo ‘Romeo and Juliet scene’ in MHGaF


source: Topstarnews

120623 Entertainment Weekly – Malsuk and Sekwang couple cut (English subtitle)

Download: EW1431MalSe

credit: devilslob @ d-addicts
cut by chiara

My Husband Got a Family E21 & E22 – Minhyuk cut (Indonesian subtitle)

Download: MHGaF21

Download: MHGaF22

Translation by OKTN/KBSWorld
Subbed by chiara

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