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2010.11.29 NII Fansigning News Pics

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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LOL-ing at the news title

CNBLUE Jonghyun, boasts smooth milky white skin
CNBLUE Yonghwa, tight lipped + coy flower smile
CNBLUE Jungshin, explodes bling bling goddess smile
CNBLUE Minhyuk, refreshing V + heartwarming smile

Translation by saturn.@soompi

2010.11.20 Newspic Update

Translation of the news:

Those sleepy eyes, poor boys. Nevertheless, love their brotherhood.^^

source: newsen

2010.10.19 Newspic

Brief summary of today’s news about MinHyuk and his new drama (by saturn.@soompi)

His name in drama is Hwang Yeon Du (cute name) and his band is Oh Hap Ji Jon (funny name). He is younger than the girl he loves. He will show younger boy’s charm, will appeal to many nuna fans. He is drummer and singer, will show fantastic drum performance in drama.

News from 10asia.com

Korean rock band CNBLUE member Minhyuk will be making his debut on the small screen through a role in an upcoming SBS drama.

A press release from the show’s promoter J Story announced that Minhyuk will play the role of Hwang Yeon-doo for the new Monday and Tuesday series, whose title is translated into “Dad, Your Daughter is Okay.”

“Dad” is about Eun Chae-ryong (played by Moon Chae-won) who makes sacrifices to help her family after her father’s accident. Minhyuk’s character is a drummer of an unknown band feeling one-sided love for Chae-ryong.

“I am excited to be making my small screen debut. I will try to do my best in putting on good acting skills and even though I may lack in some areas, I hope the audience will watch my acting with an open mind,” Minhyuk was quoted saying.

“Dad, Your Daughter is Okay” will premiere on November 22 after current series “Doctor Champ” ends its run.

Minhyuk made his debut as the drummer of the four-member rock band CNBLUE, releasing two singles in Japan before their debut in Korea early this year.

He recently attended the Pusan International Film Festival with bandmate Jonghyun to promote their film “Acoustic.”

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
source: nate.com

2010.07.28 News Pic

Yeah, it’s about our leader again!

The article talks about his busy activities from CNBLUE, Inkigayo MC and husband role in We Got Married reality show. After the drama Minami Sineyo, is there any chance for him to participate in another drama? The answer is very unlikely right now because CNBLUE will have Asia tour in six countries from Agustus to October and….

CNBLUE new album is expected to be released at the end of October.

Source: SportsSeoul
thanks klaritia for the tips

2010.07.07 News Pic – Yong Hwa

There are two interesting things in this article. Well, first it’s YongHwa becomes a household name. The agency has received many offers for him to participate in the drama, movie, and musical. I would love to see him in the musical actually because he can combine his acting and singing skill at the same time. But considering his voice condition, he’d better take role in drama/movie when his band activities are loosen up. So he can rest his voice for a while.

Second one is about CNBLUE’s Asia promotion and this article mentions some countries that are on the plan. Dum dum dum.. is your country mentioned in this article? They are Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. I know it’s merely a plan now, but we can always keep our hope high, rite?

credit: Osen

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