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Osen Star Interview

You’ve seen the BTS pix of the photoshoot here: Star Interview BTS

The sequence of these pictures will start from my most favorite to the least one.^^

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cre: Osen
thanks klaritia for the tips.

Translation by saturn.@soompi. LOL, JongHyun randomly grabs other clothes to put on?

When the interview was begun, Yong Hwa kept coughing, so the first question had to be about his health condition. They did successful debut, but their life was not changed, just same as their trainee days. Everyday practice, record, fall asleep at spare time. “No special episode to talk. Too tired, just want to lie down, can’t have any hobby.” said Jung Shin. Their interview skill is not polished at all.

Reporter stubbornly kept asking to Yong Hwa about another woman celebrity he wants to film WGM with. He was at a loss what to do for long time then said, “When I had vocal cord nodules, she presented me propolis, so only Seo Hyun.” He is such a loyal person. When they were asked about any close celebrity, Jung Shin said “I’ve never stepped out of waiting room.”
“Nobody at all” said Jong Hyun. When they were asked continuously, they picked 2AM then added, “If we say we’re close to them, they may deny it, so we can’t say we’re close to them.”

In Bluelove album, Yong Hwa’s songs are included. “I don’t rely on cheap trick, I tried to follow my true feeling. For me, if I have difficulty in composing, I erase all I wrote. If I hang it on, the whole song became weird, be forced.”, said Yong Hwa.

They have schedule of the most important event to a band, a concert. CNBLUE has concert on July 31st. It’s the first concert in Korea. Jong Hyun said, “I’ve thought if we have concert in Korea what would we play. I thought some good covers. But we have many our songs that Korean fans don’t know yet, so our concert will be filled with our music only.” To CNBLUE members, music is everything. When they were asked what is the most precious thing to themselves, Jong Hyun answered it’s his hand playing guitar. When they were asked what is their companion of rest, all members picked MP3 player. Everytime they move by car, they listen to the same music together by MP3 connected to car audio. Jong Hyun picked the effector as the most memorable present from fan.

Big brother Yong Hwa was the real leader to members. Min Hyuk said, “When we’re sick, Hyung really takes good care of us. Whey I had stomachache, he massaged my tummy. It was Jong Hyun’s birthday some days ago, the first person who celebrated was Yong Hwa hyung presenting him a watch.”
All members said, “Every moment Yong Hwa hyung does his best to everything he does. Watching him itself is a good lesson to us, we must emulate him.”

CNBLUE is connected solidly with Yong Hwa as a center. Even though their food taste is so different that each person cooks his food himself, or though Jong Hyun randomly grabs and puts on others clothes, or Jung Shin speaks 4D words, and these cause troubles sometimes.
Practicing and making music is all of their daily life. They will go forward together like this until the day their music is played in the grand hall full of fans.

Newspics batch #02

Ok, here is the 2nd one. As far as I remember, they’ve been together 3 times in photoshoot for some news site. First is the yeonhapnews, I’ve posted it somewhere in this jungle of cnblue entries. And the 2nd one has been posted just before this. So here is the 3rd one actually. It consists of 9 pictures. It’s 10 now. Thanks to baby_minhYuk

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Newspics batch #01

I love collecting their pictures. God knows how many pictures I have in my HDD. And my tendency is to categorize them based on the outfits they have.  So here is the first batch, consists of 10 pictures. They’re wearing black-white-grey outfit. I guess this must be taken before their debut and hectic schedules. They really look fresh here.

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