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Beautiful morning with Kim Changwon radio logo song



Download: 2012 & 2010
credit: CN아로하 @ CNBLUE DC Gallery

Jonghyun’s voice is ♥

2010.10.20 KBS 가요광장 Radio Logo Song

It’s using the melody of Sweet Holiday.^^

Download: Logosong

credit: jyh dc gallery

2010.11.15 FM Yokohama Kpop Now

credit: LyKaWaBOICE@youtube

Download: MP3
credit: 그래용 @ jyh dc gallery

source: http://blog.fmyokohama.jp/kpop/2010/11/k-popnow1115-36.html
thanks Fukiko for the tips

2010.11.02 FM Yokohama K-Pop Now!

Download mp3: FMYokohama1102
source: jyh dc gallery
shared by klaritia


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: http://snuroom.exblog.jp/14878527/
thanks klaritia for the tips

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