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2010.05.24 Sendvoice Bluelove

These two magnaes are just too cute to resist.

cre: sendvoice @ youtube
thanks penylanechic for the tips^^

Wake Up Songs

cnblue.co.kr put a notice about wake up songs from cnblue: HERE
One song from Yonghwa has been shared previously. Apparently there are 6 different tunes you can choose of, each with 1 minute duration:

  1. 용화-소중한 소식이 올 때 마다
  2. CNBLUE-자~아침입니다, 화이팅~모닝콜
  3. CNBLUE-부러우면 지는겁니다
  4. 종현-제 기타연주로 행복한 하루를-
  5. CNBLUE-매일 아침 이렇게 함께-모닝콜

Download zip: Bells

Credit: sendvoice.co.kr

Sendvoice Messages Tone


Download all 13 tones (wma): Members
Morning call etc (mp3): Cnblue
MinHyuk noona collection: Noonaaaaa

YongHwa wake up song

Download: Fighting!

credit: kara.show.co.kr + jungyonghwa.net

Sendvoice Polaroid

Have a nice weekend everyone…!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

cre: sendvoice.co.kr + jungyonghwa.net

2010.03.04 SendVoice Fanclub Message

Well, it’s great to be Korean fans I think. You can send UFO message, and now this, voice message.
Btw, why the boys look small compared to the website address at the bottom. TT__TT

Download: SendVoice

Thanks klaritia for the head ups. ^^

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