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2010.08.23 Razor Pop – CNBLUE in Singapore

The interview with CNBLUE! Divided into three parts. I like what YongHwa said about the comparison between them and FT Island. I love both bands and I can feel they’re going into different music styles. After some interviews, I conclude that YongHwa really believes in love at first sight.

Download: Razor Pop

credit: RazorTV

2010.08.20 Photoshoot in Singapore

According to a fan, they were having some kind of photoshoot there. Dunno if it’s for magazine or something else. I like their casual tee.^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Download zip: fanpix by xiecheng

credit: xiecheng @ mr-cnblue.com
shared by klaritia

2010.08.21 Leaving Singapore

I can see they had great time in Singapore. Glad everything ran well for them despite some minor problems here and there.

Fancams at the airport
Poor Yong got mobbed by the swarm of fans but he’s still smiling.

credit: jastubee88@youtube

credit: leslieana@youtube

credit: SimplySteff1973@youtube

2010.08.21 Mini Live & Fanmeeting

Mini live track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Let’s Go Crazy
  3. Love Revolution (English & Korean remix)
  4. I’m a Loner
  5. Love Light
  6. LOVE
  7. I’m a Loner (Burning version)
  8. One time
  9. Now or Never

credit: scanationsg @ twitter


Intro + Let’s Go Crazy

Love Revolution

Individual Introduction

Improptu + JongHyun’s Sunday Morning

I’m a Loner

Love Light

I’m a Loner (Burning version) + One time

Serenading Fans by Song for a Fool

credits: Delphinite@youtube

Find more fancams on these youtube channels:

2010.08.20 Fansigning

Venue: City Square Mall

credit: Tiffanyonthemov @ twitter

Please let me know if you own the pic above, found it at DC.

More pictures in thumbnails

credit: (x)clusive

credit: prooflabel

credit: hottest-generation @ soompi

credit: ImELiFant @ twitter

Watch the video of them leaving the fansign venue:
credit: scanationsg @ twitter

Watch JongHyun hug the fans. T____T #dieofenviness

credit: elialison @ youtube

More fancams are under the cut

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