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Singles Magazine – June edition

Updated with 600 dpi scans, provided by klaritia@soompi.

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credit: 컨~ @ jungyonghwa.net
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Singles Magazine Preview

This magazine of June edition will be released on May 20th. Haven’t seen it up for preordered at gmarket or innolife yet.

Love their pictures and style here.

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cre: asiae.co.kr + klaritia@soompi

Article that comes with the pictures, translated by saturn.@soompi

CNBLUE in magazine photo, took off botanical freshness, transformed to ‘Bad boy’.

With their upcoming 2nd single album ‘BLUELOVE’, CNBLUE recently got the first official interview and photo-taking with life style magazine ‘Singles’ June edition.
In the photo shoot, the members took off fresh botanical image, with heavy smoky makeup and a chic eye expression to show off a bad boy image. With interview, they answered many questions to themselves who had debuted like comet.

First, CNBLUE’s the youngest Jung Shin said regarding their new album released on 19th, “Like the first album, this album has a rock base plus funky feel, but there are also fresh songs that match with the summer season. It is overall very bright and clear.” Leader Jung Yonghwa added, “It consists of songs that are easy and rhythmical so they are good to sing along to. Moreover, because we have personally composed and wrote some of these songs, this album is more precious to us,” showing a particular affection for their new album.

About how they became sudden stars soon after releasing the first album I’m A Loner back in January, Yonghwa responded, “I still don’t think the album went well. Although the first start was very good, our goal is for the band culture in Korea to be stable and loved through us.”, he showed his ambition and passion.

They attracted not only girls, but also nunas with their boy looks and honest characters. Their daily life and ideal types are curious. Min Hyuk said, ” All members are living without cell phones, we don’t feel any inconvenience. Because of that, we gather by ourselves more. We don’t go out to play, just watch DVDs of artists, or movies.” Yong Hwa answered, “I received influence from wife Seohyun so I’ve been reading a lot of books.”
When they were asked whether they felt bored sometimes if they stay just by themselves, Jong Hyun said, “The more we’re stuck to each other, the better team work we become to have. It’s rather good.” He showed their warm friendship.

When they were asked about their ideal type, Yonghwa said, “It’s hard to say right now because I’m married currently,” he didn’t miss his caring toward fake-wife Seo Hyun of SNSD. Fellow member Kang Min Hyuk replied, “My ideal type is noona whom I can lean on and who makes me feel comfortable.” choosing actress Park Jin Hee. Jung Shin also said, “Comfortable type like noona.”

They just came in their 20s, began to draw their dreams in their life, we asked them about their goal in the future. Yong Hwa answered, “To progress with no moment of stopping. To let band culture settled down . About real marriage, I want to do it whenever I meet a person I love.” Jong Hyun said, “Life is finite. I want to live a nice life.” Min Hyuk said, ” I want to do music without greed, but with simple mind. And I want to be a good father.” Lastly, Jung Shin said, “I want to enjoy all of music, dream and family life.”

CNBLUE will spread once more their dream on the stage with ‘Love light’ of 2nd album. Their fresh interview and fashion photos are available at Singles June edition.

Source: Freezonenews

MinHyuk in Singles Magazine

scanned by 둥둥민혀기 @ jungyonghwa.net
edited by chiara

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Min Hyuk in Singles

I don’t fancy the make up, outfit, and the pose. And he’s one of the 8 new MCs at MNet Countdown (rotating every week).

credit: daum + hyuksu@soompi

I think I’m gonna pay more attention to Jong Hyun from now on.

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