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2010.11.08 Star King Recording

cr. vita jungshin
shared by 小淘@cnbluechina.com
thanks to klaritia@soompi

Find more pics here: http://hicn4.blog.me/110097022165

2010.09.25 SBS Star King – Jung Shin cut

So short but yet precious.^^

Download: Bounce bounce

2010.08.16 Star King Recording

JungShin is prettier XD
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
source: MightyMouth twitter account
thanks klaritia for the tips

2010.08.14 SBS Star King – JungShin cut

He didn’t have much air time. He helped the segment about obesity or overweight people. It must be very tiring for him to wear an outfit weighted 92 kgs.

Download: JungShin cut

2010.08.02 Star King Recording – Fantaken Pic

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credit: lunchtime.tistory.com + 신나수. @ jungyonghwa.net
thanks klaritia for the tips

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