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120830 TGI Friday Update – September calendar

August was Minhyuk and now we have Yonghwa for September calendar. It has 1365 × 2048 resolution.

source: http://www.facebook.com/TGIfridayskorea

120813 O’live TV Update – Bartender CNBLUE

In respective order: Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin

source: olive youtube channel

120801 ETN Entertainment Station – TGIF filming

Download TS: MF-01 | MF-02 | MF-03
Youtube credit: TheHeohojung
TS file credit: CEO


120801 TGI Friday Update

Welcoming August with MinHyuk calendar!!!

source: TGI Friday Facebook

And enjoy the hilarious behind the scene of Love on Party!! In respective order: Yonghwa – Jonghyun – Minhyuk – Jungshin

Yonghwa: Yah This is cool. I want to learn it.
Dragon: Please hit here once.
Minhyuk: I should learn this kind of thing!
Yonghwa: (To Minhyuk) What’s your job? You must be lonely? You come here everyday. Let me help you pay first.
Here it goes~~
Now a cooking man is the general trend.
staff: Go once more.
Yonghwa: Ah~ I’m being shrinked to death. (awkward)
Now a cooking man … once more.

Yonghwa: What’s your nickname?
Jonghyun: Flower deer. (Cervus nippon hortulorum, usually means a noble young lady.)
(drops bottle on Jungshin’s foot.) I didn’t do it on purpose.
Dragon: Good.
Jonghyun: One two
Chef: Haven’t you tried it already?
Yonghwa: We haven’t this.
Jonghyun: It’s not a manner to this meat. (If I don’t try this)
Jonghyun: (To FNC lady) I will try it first.
Lady: You will?
Yonghwa: Jonghyun, you said you’ve been doing it for 18 years, haven’t you?
Jonghyun: Yes. I mastered up to ‘to throw the meat over the air then cut it’.
Yonghwa: Ah. I started learning the knife only 3 years ago.
Jonghyun: 3 years.
Yonghwa: For 17 years, I’ve only put pepper.
Jonghyun: Anyone who likes liquor? You guys all hate it? You’re hypocrites. hypocrites.
I’m not sure the taste, but the color is pretty.
(Can’t put the straw into his mouth) Gentleness is the mandatory to the gentleman.
Oh greasy. Oh funny.

(Yonghwa and Minhyuk play ‘Father and me’)
Yonghwa: Hyunseok hyung! Hyunseok hyung! It’s just a mix with grape juice. How is it?
Minhyuk: To tell the trueth, objectively?
Minhyuk: CNBLUE’s Love on party.
Staff: Go again.
Minhyuk: Jung Yonghwa! Olive.
Dragon: Hwaiting!
Minhyuk: You even don’t give me a chance of trying it?
Why do you hit there!
Jungshin: What bartender are you?
Yonghwa: Customer may go.
Minhyuk: I hope you have this, and enjoy the party…
Yonghwa: Julgisam? (Julgisam=internet slang)
Jonghyun: Why you must smell it?
Minhyuk: I am always sensitive to the latest trend.

Yonghwa: Yah Yah
Jungshin: What happened?
Yonghwa: Yah Lee Jungshin!
Minhyuk: What are you doing?
Yonghwa: (Try the food) Ah…
Jungshin: Why?
(Jungshin sprays vinegar to Yonghwa)
Minhyuk: It really stings my nose.
Yonghwa: (seeing Jungshin’s pasta) What’s this?
Minhyuk: Don’t touch it yet.
Jungshin: Don’t say such word.
Yonghwa: This is like the model in front of the restaurant.
Jungshin: It’s almost the level of that.
Yonghwa: I mean it’s just the model.
Minhyuk: One two three
Yonghwa: Relax your nose.
Minhyuk: One two
(Jungshin bursts into laughter, hits Yonghwa)
Minhyuk: We haven’t tried yet. It’s not verified yet.
Jungshin: What should I do to show my taste?
Jungshin: Can I try it? Yeh
Yonghwa: Really?
Jungshin: Excellent.
Jungshin: Finished.
Staff: One two three
Jungshin: A real nice man? An intellegent man.
Staff: One more time

Translated by @saturnkr

[MV] CNBLUE – Friday (T.G.I Friday’s Brand Song)

Wish they made a longer one T^T

source: cnblue official youtube channel

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