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120903 CNBLUE Twitter Update

여러분~내딸서영이 첫촬영마쳤습니다! 우선 촬영장와서 밤늦게까지 고생해주신 팬여러분들 너무 감사하고 너무 수고하셨습니다.. 여러분들덕분에 많이부족하지만 행복하게 촬영할수있었던거같아요 조심히 들어가시구요! 사랑합니다 더 열심히 하겠습니다 많이 지켜봐주세요! 그리구 우리멤버들 모두많이바쁜데 와줘서 너무고마워! 촬영스태프여러분들도 너무너무 수고하셨습니다 굿나잇! pic.twitter.com/fzlSE72J

Everyone~ the first filming of My Daughter Seoyoung has finished! Really thank you and really appreciate the fans who stay until late at night at the first filming.. though I’m lacking a lot, thanks to everyone I’m filming happily and carefully! Love and please watch as we will work harder! Also thank you for the members for coming though busy! For filming staff too, really appreciate it, good night!

source: @CNBLUE_4
translated by chiara

120903 Twitter Update

늦었지만 사진 투척!!응원하러와준 사랑하는 씨엔투터블루와 주니주니엘과 ^ㅠ^ http://lockerz.com/s/240975968

Though it’s late, throwing picture!! With beloved CN to the BLUE and Juniel  who gave support ^ㅠ^

source: @saico011

정신군의 [내 딸 서영이] 촬영 현장에 오랫만에 모인 CNBLUE! 서로에 대한 끈끈한 우정을 확인할 수 있었습니다. ^^* 기념으로 단체사진 찍는 모습을 몰래 찰칵~ http://pic.twitter.com/6zo2S397

After a while, the CNBLUE at Jungshin’s [My Daughter Seo Young] filming! Close friendship to each other is confirmed.^^* As a souvenir, secretly took a group photo~

source: @CN_FANCBLUB
translated by chiara

120901 Twitter Update

뱅뱅싸인회가 무사히 잘 끝났습니다! 기념으로 단체 컷! ‘-^ http://pic.twitter.com/I0fehj5E

Bang Bang fansigning session has ended well! As a souvenir, group cut! ‘-^

source: @CN_FANCLUB
translated by chiara

120831 CNBLUE Twitter Update

나는 세광스타일! 여러분 주말이 다가오네요 이번 주말도 넝쿨당과 함께 하세요~! http://t.co/aD7b1kjO http://t.co/ikKhwsnX

I’m Sekwang style! Everyone weekend is approaching, this weekend too please watch together My Husband Got a Family~!



Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by chiara

120830 CNBLUE Twitter Update

첫 시상이라 너무떨려요 2부오프닝공연과 시상도 남았으니까 기대해주세요! pic.twitter.com/9BP0kLiF

First award really thrills there are part 2 opening performance and also awarding left, please wait!

아 정신아! 니가 뭔데 트위터 먼저하는데~~ 내가할려고 사진다찍어놨는데 형이 너 촬영할때 맛있는거 사서 응원갈께ㅋㅋ3일인가?? pic.twitter.com/tOOrBUxe

Hey Jungshin! Who are you first to tweet~~ when I’m trying to take picture. this hyung, when you are filming will support with delicious snack keke on the 3rd (Sept) right??

source: @CNBLUE_4
translated by chiara

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