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2010.12.10 UFOTown Message

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credit: nate
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CNBLUE YongHwa Best UFO Reply

Translation by A.C.Y

To. CNBLUE (정용화엄지수)
I spent the whole weekend on you.
I said I would do but I didn’t do finally (I think there are more stories about her). Hing (kind of crying sound).
From 용화
It is always pretty to be bright/cheerful, JiSoo.
Always smile. Fighting tomorrow too!

To. CNBLUE (망고스틴)
I am so happy to know many people because of YongHwa.
From 용화
I am also happy if it is because of me. Good relation and bad relation are all good. And thank you, 망고 (Mango)

To. CNBLUE (빌보드 행복햄)
A star will be shining in YongHwa’s heart.
From 용화
행복햄~ Yes, Will shine! (I think the subject is Yongwha in this message)

To. CNBLUE (유진누나)
YongHwa, I miss ShinWoo.
I saw you in Minam (= drama, you are beautiful). I want to go back. Minam filming.
From 용화
I really miss that moment too. It was really fun when I was thinking only one thing and when the time really flew fast.

To. CNBLUE (오로지용화님)
Congratulations on the first anniversary! Thank you for coming to us, thank you and thank you. I will be your fan forever.
From 용화
Forever be my fan!? Really!? Keke hihi thanks I’ll work hard, please look out for me!

The words in green are the translator’s notes.

CNBLUE JongHyun UFO Best Reply

Translation by A.C.Y

To. CNBLUE (민혁선영)
Your UTA (the abbreviation of UFO TOWN) is so chic. (Actually it’s not the meaning of chic in English. In Korea, these days it’s used more like as a meaning of indifferent or a bit arrogant or cold.. or ‘cool’. The latter is more like real meaning of chic in English, I guess..). Please be sweet once!
From 종현
Love you.

To. CNBLUE (이종현팬)
JongHyun~ It’s chilly in the evening. Don’t wear thin clothes again and wear warmer one.
From 종현
I say so.
Take care of yourself. (Literally.. it means ‘please don’t catch a cold’)

To. CNBLUE (이종현은진리)
Jonghyun. Please say something (literally it means one sentence) for me who is going rotten in the library, huh?
From 종현
Lee, JongHyun is the truth.

To. CNBLUE (쿠키)
Good luck to you for the performance at the big stage and in front of a lot of people. Did you get Japanese cookies and photobook?
From 종현
I did UTA since this (I’m not sure what “this” is. I guess it’s japanese cookies and photobook) reminds me. Anyway, thank you.

To. CNBLUE (종현에게눈이가)
Oppa, how are you doing these days? It’s my exam period. Please reply to me!
From 종현
Recording, practicing, working? Studying and Exercising?

P.S. The words in green are the translator’s notes.

CNBLUE MinHyuk Best UFO Reply

source: http://www.ufotown.com/fanletter/bestreply/bestreplay_view.asp?board_idx=395

Translation by A.C.Y

Ah~ fanmeeting kk I look forward to it~
My heart is beating when I think about to meet our Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin.
From Minhyuk
kk cute~

Minhyuk~ It’s really autumn.
I feel gloomier since it’s raining which you like.
Please console me.
From Minhyuk
Don’t feel gloomy.
Enjoy it. kkkkk
I will make our last performance good. Please cheer for me.

I went out for snooker yesterday and it was fun.
A feast of Undang and Yedang.
From Minhyuk
kkkkkk A feast of Undang and Yedang.

Minhyuk! A typhoon called Malo is coming again.
It is said that it’s strong again. So don’t be blown away. kkk
From Minhyeok
Ah- I can’t see anything and I want to raise a hedgehog.

I will make you a kimchi jigae (kimchi soup) – Floret
From Minhyuk
Wow.. I am hungry… Make it for me as a late-night snack.

T/N: Don’t really get the meaning of Undang & Yedang, probably something related to snooker

2010.10.13 UFO Replies Update

Fan: Jungshina… Do you know where is the scariest place in this world? kekekek
JS: umm… dentist? kekek

Fan: Jungshina what are you doing? I really miss Jungshinie…
JS: I got hungry while practicing.. so now I’m eating while replying UFO. Rice and Spam.

Fan: Ah so you’re practicing till this time. Make sure you rest as well ㅠㅠ How’s Minhyuk’s arm??
JS: umm.. it was quickly given a bandage so it’s less swollen~~ it’ll be alright.

Fan: What the hell are you doing?!!!!
JS: Well I’m eating

Fan: No one said happy birthday to me when I left home, please cheer me up T_T Jungshin nunim T_T
JS: Please don’t be sad! I send you a birthday greeting. Now a handsome boyfriend will appear

Fan: Jungshina.. Jungshina.. Jungshina………. Jungshina?
JS: Yes.. Yes.. Yes……….Yes?

Source: jyh dc gallery + bestiz
Shared by 2kiko@twitter
Translation by Dita (blue_jus7@twitter)

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